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I wanted to know when and where it would take me to the sky
When it would twist and turn cold
When cliffs would transform into smiling faces
dripping gravel from their lips
When the colored squares of the map would pop up in front of me
like those books I used to read as a child
Rising to wide-eyed retribution

I wanted to know




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Shopping at the Abyss (dweller series)

With extract from http://www.abyssnovel.com [below]


“And thus began another strange ritual of mine. Along with sitting in parking lots and hiding under bed sheets, I was now accustomed to wandering the aisles of grocery stores. For nothing. I was there to buy nothing, yet I found solace walking each aisle, absorbing the colors and people, pretending to be a local—sometimes holding a basket just to fool them into smiling at me.

‘Who’s that?’ I imagined them thinking.
Yeah, I live here. I belong.”



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Nightlife: all it’s cracked up to be

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Tinsel of the times

New video extract from my novel, chapter 4. Read by me and set to ambient music by Loscil. The footage was captured with my iPhone during the course of the year the story is based on. Hope you enjoy.

More at http://www.abyssnovel.com



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