Do it while you’re young! they tell me.

Do it while your joints are springy

Do it while your voice projects

Do it while you’re young

So that you won’t regret

Do it while the trees are lucent

Bark unburnt

Sun high, gazillion watts

Do it while you can afford

to forget to remember

and repulse those blackened thoughts

Do it while doing it is the thing to do

Do it while what you’re doing still feels

like you

Do it while you have money

Do it if you don’t

Do it just because doing it is better than

alternatives, alone

I’ve been told by nomads and suits alike

Do it while you’re young!

Oh I’ll do it, I told them

I’ll do it for life.

Poetry anytime

Do it while you’re young


For those of you who didn’t catch it the first time around, here is the tantalizing trailer for my debut novel, WELCOME TO THE ABYSS, launched last Tuesday and now available on Amazon