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Other Lives for the Desert

The birds come bearing news of Spring.

Today, I come with news of my second novel!


“Other Lives for the Desert” serves as a prequel to my debut, Welcome to the Abyss, following protagonist Johan Nivens as he plunges into the cab of an 18-wheeler for a yearlong, cross-country adventure. Dust rises. Antics ensue.

Release is set for March 30th (digital/paperback), but the eBook is now available for pre-order here, where you can also find a short synopsis.

More info soon, including chapter previews, graphics, and a jazzy video trailer.

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Still Alive & Sanity Check ’16

It’s a year like any other, I’m told. I tell myself.

A year when the black cat comes to visit, and I feed it tuna and gaze out at the yard.

A year when I don’t ask questions like “Where does time go?” because I already know.

A year with turbulent skies, strapped in, looking around the cabin, bobbing heads, stumbling stewardess, armful of trash.

It feels a bit unusual, but also a bit ordinary. I’m somewhere in the middle I suppose. Perhaps this is what they call ‘balance’, I think, standing on one foot.

A year with nowhere and everywhere to go.

A year when bongos beat in the mountains and I hear them without leaving bed.

A year when I knock snow from my shoes, get a haircut, adjust my glasses, and pour the darker of the two stouts ’cause the night smokes.

It feels like somewhere I’ve been before, but also like a new planet, like the one they discovered last year. Kepler something-something.

Find a better name. Earth is so simple. Who came up with that?

Burnt out candles still smell like birthday cake, the sky is still a bug headlight, it’s 2016, and I’m still sane.

(and still miss the world)



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