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Top o’ the morning, everyone.

Today I come bearing news that I’m pretty damn excited about.

For the past two years, I’ve been cooking up all sorts of madness and serving it to the blogosphere. Whether it be photographic artwork, poetry, or experimental films, I hope you’ve enjoyed every last morsel.

In all honesty, I can say that your support and comments have kept me enthusiastic in times when I’ve otherwise felt lackluster. A reason to create and proliferate!

It is with special pleasure, then, that I first introduce to you a project that I’ve been passionately dedicated to. A 257-page fiction novel titled “Welcome to the Abyss

The book is based on my travels and collected experiences in recent years, albeit fictionalized.


Johan Nivens is an aspiring young filmmaker who has fallen deep into the Abyss following a tumultuous break-up in Los Angeles. An inner well of despair which he seeks refuge from by moving back east to live with his father, only to find himself caught in a vicious cycle of boozing at the local pub where he ignites a fiery affair with a mysterious woman.

Despite the sparks, Johan is haunted by his abandoned dreams and decides that it’s time to hit the road and seek concrete answers for his turmoil in an ultimate journey of self-discovery. From Hollywood to the high peaks of Colorado, across the Atlantic to the City of Light, his adventure is narrated with humorous anecdotes and wholehearted introspection.

Inspired by author Steve Nahaj’s own wanderings, “Welcome to the Abyss” is a poetic tale of personal empowerment.

So there you have it! The novel will be released March 3rd as both paperback and eBook editions.

Pre-orders for the eBook can be made here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00T54ZHUK

Paperbacks… I do not currently have the link for. Will update soon!

Abyss: 03.03.15


Details on pre-ordering soon!

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